A Motherland’s Daughter, A Fatherland’s Son: A WWII Novel

- A country, torn by the occupation of two unlikely allies - Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Both forced into the military against their will, they wish for one thing only - a peaceful life together. They have to decide if their love is stronger than the devastation surrounding them or succumb to the hate as sworn enemies should.

Partially based on true events, where hope can be lost in no-man’s-land, this novel will take you on the unforgettable journey through war-torn countries, and one will have to go to great lengths not to lose sight of it. Poland, 1939. Everything is set for Kira to defect and marry Werner. But the german army invades the soviet union, and now the two lovers are forced to fight against each other on the opposite sides of the frontline; trying to keep their humanity as more and more atrocities are committed by both armies.

A Motherland's Daughter, A Fatherland's Son: A WWII Novel - On the border of this newly divided territory, a young Wehrmacht Unteroffizier, Werner and a Soviet Military Interpreter, Kira meet and fall in love against all odds.

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The German Half-Bloods The Half-Bloods Series Book 1

- At the outbreak of war, love, dieter Vogel and his family face catastrophic events and separation as each member embarks on their deadly paths towards survival, and freedom. Dieter vogel, believes in protecting his family at all costs, a German industrialist, but in a bid to keep his English wife and children safe, he is plunged into a well of deceit that tears the family apart.

The author spun such an intricately woven web of intrigue that I didn't want to stop reading. From the multi-award-Winning Author comes, The German Half-Bloods. A historical novel steeped in horror, danger and suspense; a true page-turner. Germany, September 1939. Although there are some historically accurate details that may disturb a younger audience, I feel that this novel is an essential historical read.

Against her father’s wishes, she leaves berlin on the eve of the German invasion of Poland, but when she arrives in England, she learns that Frank is not the civilian engineer he claims to be. The vogels, coming october 2018 the half-bloods series book 2editorial review, readers' Favorite 5 StarsThe German Half-Bloods The Half-Blood Series Book 1 by Jana Petken is an intense, On All Fronts, nail-biting ride through WWII Germany.

The German Half-Bloods The Half-Bloods Series Book 1 - The unique perspectives of the characters in Germany, as well as those in England, were refreshing and charismatic. I am well-versed in the history of the time period, and I must say that very few historical novels of the period are satisfactorily accurate enough for me to enjoy, this book being a rare exception.

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The Girl from Berlin: Standartenführer's Wife

Ellie Midwood - But it's not only the persecuted people annalise wants to save; she meets the leader of the Austrian SS Gruppenführer Ernst Kaltenbrunner who everyone seems to fear, but for some reason Annalise isn't intimidated by the Chief of the Austrian Gestapo and doesn't believe the rumors about his brutality.

Winner of the international book award contest readers' favorite in the Historical Fiction category 2016This is a story of Annalise Meissner, a young German Jew with long time ago falsified papers, living a carefree life in pre-war Berlin. The girl from berlin: Standartenführer's Wife is highly recommended.

The Girl from Berlin: Standartenführer's Wife - J. Magnus for readers' favoriteother books in the series:Book two: "The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenfuhrer's Mistress"Book three: "The Girl from Berlin: War Criminal's Widow". She falls in love and gets married to her father's longtime friend, who even though he works for SD – the Reich Secret Service – seems to share her views, Standartenführer Heinrich Friedmann, and soon Annalise learns why.

Her writing is seamless and inspired, and I soon forgot that an author was actually the creative force behind Annalise’s words. However, when the oppressions against the Jewish population begin, she realizes that she can’t be a silent bystander and swears to help her people in any way possible. I was quite pleased to discover that Midwood plans a sequel to this story, Gruppenfuhrer’s Mistress.

This novel is meticulously researched, and Annalise’s story is so compelling that I became totally engrossed in her life and experiences. A talented ballerina, she comes from a wealthy family and at first doesn’t want to concern herself with the changes her country starts undergoing under the new Nazi regime.

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Endeavour Media - When bill and marietta meet they fall headlong in love, but their passion is overshadowed by the horror of the Nazi occupation and the outbreak of war. Hugo von hesse, marietta's step-brother, makes a meteoric rise through the ranks to become a powerful SS officer. Reaching the pinnacle of power in the New Order, Hugo uses his position to destroy the von Burgheims and take over the family fortune.

As the nazis tighten their grip on europe, the struggle between Marietta, Bill and Hugo becomes a microcosm of the war itself – violent, bloody and treacherous. Madge swindells was born and educated in England. Her earlier novels, the corsican woman, shadows on the Snow, Summer Harvest, Song of the Wind, The Sentinel and Harvesting the Past were international bestsellers and have been translated into eight languages.

Edelweiss - Later, in england, she was a Fleet Street journalist and the manager of her own publishing company. She lives in South Africa. Turning her back on the responsibilities of her noble birth and her father's wrath, Marietta joins a student resistance group determined to overthrow the Nazis. Bill roth, is the maverick heir to his uncle, Reuters' correspondent based in pre-war Berlin, an American industrialist.

. As a teenager, she emigrated to South Africa where she studied archaeology at Cape Town University. Set in europe during world War II, Edelweiss is a story of heroism and love.

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The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenführer's Mistress

- Gruppenführer's mistress is impeccably researched and beautifully written, making the workaday world and intrigue surrounding Annalise and Heinrich's lives feel real, and the psychological thriller aspect of Annalise and Ernst Kaltenbrunner's growing attraction to each other is masterfully played out.

Kaltenbrunner has always been oddly gentle and attentive with her. I would urge new readers to begin with the first book in the series, Standartenführer's Wife, to get the full impact of this most impressive series. Caught up in a dangerous game between the allies and nazi germany secret service – the rsha – she’s torn between staying faithful to her husband and yielding to the demands of her American superiors and starting a romance with the unpredictable Chief of the RSHA Ernst Kaltenbrunner, who she finds herself attracted to more and more every day… Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ FavoriteThe Girl from Berlin: Gruppenführer's Mistress is the second book in Ellie Midwood's historical fiction series, The Girl from Berlin.

The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenführer's Mistress - While the leader of the Austrian SS has an evil reputation as a monster and a sadist, Dr. Annalise realizes that she is playing a very dangerous game when she asks for Gruppenführer Dr. Kaltenbrunner's assistance in exacting revenge on her boss, Reinhard Heydrich, but she's mad with grief over his complicity in the suicide death of her brother Norbert and the resulting miscarriage of her and her husband's first child.

It's most highly recommended. Other books in the series:book one: "the girl from Berlin: Standartenfuhrer's Wife"Book three: "The Girl from Berlin: War Criminal's Widow". Gruppenführer’s mistress" is book two in the series “The Girl from Berlin, ” which continues to follow Annalise’s story.

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The Girl from Berlin: War Criminal's Widow

- However, when the war ends, the consequences of previous actions remain. The girl from berlin: war criminal’s Widow by Ellie Midwood is a suspense-filled, page-turning historical novel with many twists and turns. War criminal's widow" is book 3 in the series "The Girl from Berlin. As soon as annalise, thinks that all the dangers are finally behind, a counterintelligence agent working for the American OSS office, swept away by the protective hand of her high-ranking lover – the Chief of the RSHA Ernst Kaltenbrunner – she has to face an even bigger challenge.

Finally, annalise and heinrich’s last days in their native homeland are harrowing, the war is over, while an escape is planned by the appreciative American OSS office. As the nazi regime is struggling to prolong its grip in Europe, her husband Heinrich, the story of Annalise, and her lover, Dr. Midwood is able to develop complex characters and shows that few people are all-good, or all-evil, especially when living in unusual circumstances.

The Girl from Berlin: War Criminal's Widow - Other books in the series: book one: "the girl from Berlin: Standartenfuhrer's Wife"Book two: "The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenfuhrer's Mistress". Annalise and heinrich are German, working as counterintelligence agents for the American OSS office within the enemy organization. The personal misgivings and individual goals of the officers of the Third Reich lend to an understanding that even such a malevolent force is comprised of conflicted individuals, sometimes doubting its own organization’s goals.

Ms. The third reich, while often viewed as a formidable organization where all members embraced one goal, is portrayed in a different light in this book.

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The Second Winter

Other Press - Meanwhile, in copenhagen, polina, a young refugee from Krakow, finds herself impressed into prostitution by Germans and Danes alike. Winner – national indie excellence award 2017 for literary fiction bronze winner – foreword indies 2016, general fiction“a great historical novel, War & Military HONORABLE MENTION – San Francisco Book Festival 2017, a touching family saga, and a noir wartime thriller all rolled into one terrific narrative.

Lee child,  new york times best-selling authorset in denmark in the darkest days of World War II, The Second Winter is a cinematic novel that, in its vivid portrayal of a family struggling to survive the German occupation, captures a savage moment in history and exposes the violence and want inherent in a father's love.

The Second Winter - It is 1941. When fredrik steals a precious necklace from a helpless family of Jews, his own family's fate becomes intertwined with Polina's, triggering a ripple effect that will take decades and the fall of the Berlin Wall to culminate. Fredrik gregersen, tormented caretaker of a small farm in Jutland laboring to keep his son and daughter fed, a brutish, profits from helping Jewish fugitives cross the border into Sweden.

In occupied denmark, while danish resistance fighters wage a bloody, an uneasy relationship between the Danish government and the Germans allows the country to function under the protection of Hitler's army, covert battle against the Nazis.

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The Austrian: A War Criminal's Story

- With agonizing sincerity he analyzes his past, a former promising lawyer, which made him, into a weapon of mass murder in the hands of his new leaders. Ellie midwood’s historical novel, the austrian: A War Criminal’s Story, has a prologue that features the last ten minutes of Ernst Kaltenbrunner's life.

The chapters that follow recount the events that led to his trial and the verdict. The author has based this novel not only on actual historical events, and Heinrich Muller, Martin Bormann, but has fictionalized many of the main characters who lived and fought for the Third Reich, Adolph Hitler’s private secretary, such as Ernst Kaltenbrunner himself, the Chief of the Gestapo.

The Austrian: A War Criminal's Story - It seemed an unlikely start to the story, but the drama had me gripped instantly. Some of them are set in the years immediately prior to WW2; others recount Ernst’s earliest childhood memories, including the departure of his father to fight in WW1. This makes it incredibly easy to follow a book written almost entirely in flashbacks.

And yet, he’s still clinging to life, and the one who he still hopes to see… reviewed by sarah stuart for Readers’ FavoriteThe Austrian: A War Criminal’s Story by Ellie Midwood opens with a short prologue entitled “Nuremberg prison, because a woman is waiting for him, whose secret he’s still carefully guarding, at the very edge of the abyss, a woman, October 1946.

Ernst kaltenbrunner, a former leader of the Austrian SS, has been tried by the International Military Tribunal and sentenced to hang. Day after day he recollects his life, trying to understand where he made that wrong turn that changed his whole life and brought him into service of his new masters, who soon dragged his whole country into the most blood-shedding war in history.

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Past Encounters: Lives are changed forever in this wartime historical saga...

Sapere Books - What secrets have they hidden from each other over the years? how did peter manage to survive the brutal war years? and did Rhoda ever get over the man who captured her heart…?As they both reflect on their past encounters they have to decide if they can ever rebuild a relationship which was shattered by the war…PAST ENCOUNTERS is a thrilling war & military saga encompassing the atmospheric filming of Brief Encounter and the extraordinary Great March of prisoners of war through snow-bound Germany.

A beautifully written and thought-provoking story, an imaginative and emotive way to celebrate a fascinating slice of history' Lancashire Evening Post‘a genuine joy to read with an intoxicating, old-fashioned feel about it. Highly compelling historical fiction and a genuine page-turner, Past Encounters is recommended without reservation.

Past Encounters: Lives are changed forever in this wartime historical saga... - Book viral'a compelling story about love and heartache and forgiveness and war' Library Educated Blog 'for lovers of history and drama this is a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon' Bookgeeks'It really makes you think about the relationships you have in real life and the choices you make. This story really hit home for me and gave me a lot to think about.

. Delicate and graceful' just one more chapter blog'a tightly-focused and strong narrative that supports and explores varying themes from duty to love, and more, against the backdrop of WWII in England.

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Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman's eyes

- Silver medal winner of the international book award contest Readers' Favorite in the Historical Fiction category 2017This story is dedicated to all the victims of sexual slavery in German concentration camps, who had to endure inhumane suffering under the Nazi regime. For many years after the atrocities had been committed, some out of shame, some out of fear, and even the victims refused to admit the ugly truth about their incarceration, until several women decided to break an unofficial oath of silence, both sides – the abusers and the abused – still vehemently denied certain aspects of the Holocaust, and brought their stories to life.

Only, the krakow ghetto and her very first abuser pale in comparison to what is yet to come, as she’s being sent to a place that soon will turn into her own personal hell and that will scar her for life…. This book is based on one of those stories. Emilia is a young jewish woman, whose life slowly turns into a nightmare as she finds herself facing a dreadful choice: to secure her family’s very existence by offering herself to one of the men who had put her behind the walls with barbed wire, or perish together with the least fortunate ones.

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Hearts of Resistance

Lake Union Publishing - What starts out as helping downed airmen becomes a bigger cause when they meet Sophia, a German escapee and fierce critic of Hitler who is wanted by the Gestapo. For rose, the resistance is a link to her late husband, and a way to move forward without him. Alongside her childhood friend, French-born Rose, she quickly rises up the ranks of the freedom fighters.

At the height of world war ii, three women must come together to fight for freedom, for the men they love—and for each other. When hazel is given the chance to parachute into Nazi-occupied France, she seizes the opportunity to do more for the British war effort than file paperwork. Will their united front be strong enough to see them through?

Hearts of Resistance - Together the three women form a bond that will last a lifetime. But amid the turmoil and tragedy of warfare, all three risk losing everything—and everyone—they hold dear.

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